Council receives notice of High Court action

Winchester City Council has received notice that Cala Homes Ltd is taking action in the High Court alleging that the Council did not follow the correct procedures in adopting its Winchester District Local Plan.

Cala Homes is the owner and prospective developer of the Winchester City (North) reserve Major Development Area at Barton Farm and is seeking to have the whole Local Plan Review quashed. The Local Plan Review has been adopted as the statutory Plan for the area and will remain in force unless or until all or any part of it is quashed by the Court

Council Leader George Beckett said:

"We are satisfied that we are right and that we followed the correct procedures so we will do everything to defend our Local Plan. Until and if the Court decides otherwise, we have a Local Plan and will continue to make planning decisions based on the adopted Plan.

"This move by Cala Homes is as much a challenge to the Government Inspector, whose recommendations we have followed, but as it is the Council's Local Plan, the notice has been served on us."

It is now up to the High Court to set a hearing date.