Sights, sounds but not the smells of Medieval Winchester!

The City Museum, Winchester will come alive with the sights and sounds, but hopefully not the smells of life in the Middle Ages, as Winchester City Council's Museums Service hosts re-enactors from Living History Group the Medieval Free Company on the first weekend in June.

Visitors may chance upon a prosperous medieval merchant in all his finery, or a craftsman making mail armour. A herbalist will explain how everyday folk attempted to cure aches and pains in a time of disease and poor hygiene. A fletcher might be seen hard at work making arrows, and a medieval woman will be wearing the costume of an ordinary person from the time.

During the medieval weekend members of the public will have a great opportunity to handle plenty of replica medieval objects and find out what it was like to live in Winchester over 500 years ago.

This Living History event will take place in the Museum's medieval gallery, surrounded by a wealth of real artefacts from the Middle Ages excavated over the years in Winchester. See if you can spot a child's spinning top, a pointed leather shoe and a medieval Mayor's wooden toilet seat!

You can see the medieval re-enactors at the City Museum, The Square from 10am-5pm on Saturday 4 June and from 12 Noon - 5pm on Sunday 5 June. This event is free and no booking is required.