City Council "knows where it is going"

Winchester City Council "knows where it is going" and "maintains a strong focus on service delivery".

These are the findings of a report prepared by a team from the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) who were asked by the Council to undertake a three-day "peer review" in March.

The review focused on progress the Council has made in responding to improvement challenges set by its Comprehensive Performance Assessment in September 2003, when the Council was judged by inspectors to be "fair".

A report to Cabinet yesterday (Wednesday 1 June) said the IDeA report paints a positive picture of progress, but also draws attention to areas where improvements to date should be built upon. The report also says the IDeA is confident that the Council is aware of these areas and has in place plans to address them.

"The IDeA has noted progress in a number of areas and complements us on the way we focus on delivery of high quality services to the community," said Council Leader Sheila Campbell.

"Our modernisation and improvement plan recognises that improvements must take place over a period of several years and lists key projects and plans that we are undertaking," she added. "It's a continuing process of improvement and we are on the right track."

Cabinet noted the conclusions of the IDeA report, welcomed their positive comments on progress and agreed a programme for the next phase of improvement.