City Council embarks on energy efficiency plan

Winchester City Council is beginning an initiative to help the environment by being more efficient in its energy use.

It has been selected as one of 26 councils to take part in this year's Carbon Trust carbon management programme, designed to help organisations reduce their carbon dioxide emissions - the most prolific of greenhouse gases - and combat climate change.

The council will be making assessments of the amount of energy it uses in its buildings, transport and services to find out where it can cut back on carbon use. This is a long-term project and forms part of the council's priorities covering sustainability and its green agenda on the environment.

Cllr Sheila Campbell, Leader of the Council, said climate change is a very real issue and something that affects everyone.

"It may change our lives in many ways from the trees and wildlife which can thrive in the English countryside to the adaptations we will be forced to make to our homes and lifestyle as summer temperatures rise to dangerous levels.  

"As a council we are keen to act as a community leader on this issue and help people to recognise the long-term implications of the actions we all take today," she added.