Child Health International exhibition

There will be an exhibition in aid of Child Health International (CHI) at the Guildhall Gallery, Winchester, between 5 - 21 August 2005.

The varied exhibition will be the work of a wide range of international artists including:
Howard White (Winchester) - paintings
Eric Best - models
Robert Truscott (Winchester and St Petersburg) - sculptures
Yulia Lushnikova (St Petersburg) - paintings and drawings
Guanyu Chen (China) - prints
Paul Hope - prints
Mbeka Chifunda (Tanzania and Winchester) - ceramics
Kitty Todd (Winchester) - ceramics

Child Health International is a Winchester-based charity that has a huge impact on the treatment of cystic fibrosis in several countries. It began work in Russia and has spread to the Ukraine and Lithuania. The most recent work is in India, where huge numbers of children go undiagnosed - it was thought until recently that most of the Indian population was not susceptible to cystic fibrosis which is hereditary and thought only to occur in Caucasian families.

CHI's work involves equipment donation, but it operates especially by information sharing, emphasising the importance of sharing at all levels. Visits both ways involve doctors, nurses, other support staff and particularly parents, who have a central role in support for sufferers.

CHI was founded in 1992 under the name (IIHA) by Roy and Dorothea Ridgway. They had a son with the condition and are committed to helping other children with cystic fibrosis in countries where little is known about what needs to be done to help them to live.