Sian Baker at The View

"Collect, Collection, Collector" by artist Sian Baker is the exhibition currently on show at The View, Bridge Street, Winchester, until 15 February 2005.

A graduate of Winchester School of Art, Sian has a degree in Fine Art: Sculpture, and her work is inspired by her observations of people and how the objects of their everyday lives help others to form first impressions of them.

Her exhibition at The View is a mass collection of diverse objects that you would find in the average household, such as pencils, stamps, ties and matchboxes, all displayed grouped in specific categories. The objects have all been owned, thus giving each one a history, and are grouped to emphasise that despite having a category, each is individual with an identity. This helps connect with the audience that is likely to have at some stage, collected something.

Sian's exhibition also looks at the connections between society and everyday objects. "I think there is a link between objects and society around us, not only through collecting but how we as individuals are sometimes grouped into categories despite our own identity," she said.

For further information about the artist or the show, contact Ali Eales on 07752623235.