Cabinet to decide on parking scratchcards

Winchester City Council's Cabinet will decide on 19 January whether to introduce a new system of visitor parking scratchcards for residents who have an annual parking permit.

The move follows a request from Cabinet for more information about scratchcards, an increase in the cost of parking permits and concerns that residents who pay £20 for a permit would then have to pay £50 for a visitor's permit that they may use on only a few occasions a year.

The current scratchcard system allows permit holders to make up to three applications a year for a maximum of 10 scratchcards a time, which are only valid for the day specified in the application. The cost per book is £5 and the date is scratched off by the Parking Office.

If Cabinet decides that visitor scratchcards should be more widely available, it is recommended that daily scratchcards would be issued without the date of use already being selected, and there should be a maximum of 20 daily scratchcards each year for each household. The cost would be £10 for each book of ten cards.

Cllr Richard Knasel, the City Council's Cabinet portfolio holder for Economy and Transport, said there had only been an average of 20 applications for scratchcards a year, with about 140 scratchcards being issued.

"The new system will give householders greater flexibility in the use of scratchcards instead of having to apply for a specific day. This would enable residents who only have a small number of visitors to have a viable alternative," he added.