Roman half term invasion at the City Museum

The Romans are invading Winchester at half term when members of the Legio Secunda Living History Society set up camp at the City Museum from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 February.

Visitors will be able to meet a Roman legionary soldier in full military dress and a Roman lady in all her finery, and find out all about the lives of the people of Venta Belgarum, the Roman city of Winchester nearly two thousand years ago.

"Handle replica Roman objects, ask if you can pick up the legionary's shield, and find out what the Romans did with a sponge on a stick," says Robin Iles, Education Officer at Winchester City Council's Museum Service.

"Drop in and see history brought alive by our re-enactors, and don't forget to take a look at the museum's exciting displays of real Roman jewellery, coins and mosaics while you're there."

The City Museum is open 10am-5pm and admission is free. For further information, contact Robin Iles or Sher Kent on 01962 848269 or 863064.