The Vikings are coming!

Who were the Vikings - what did they eat - what did they wear - what weapons did they use?

Valgard, a Viking warrior, and Katya his lady, are coming to Winchester Museum to answer your questions about what it was like to live in Viking times, over 1000 years ago. They will also allow you to handle some replica objects from the period.

"This is the first time Vikings have been seen in Winchester since 860AD, when they attacked and ransacked the town," said Robin Iles, Winchester City Council's museum service education officer.

"Although Valgard will be dressed for battle in chain mail, helmet, battleaxe and shield, we are not expecting any trouble. This latest visit will be a much more enjoyable and educational experience for Winchester's residents"

To meet Valgard and Katya, who are members of the local branch of The Vikings Re-Enactment Society, come along to the City Museum in The Square, on Friday 29 October, Saturday 30 October and Sunday 31 October 2004 between 10am-5pm each day. Admission is free.

In the Wintanceaster Gallery in the City Museum are spectacular discoveries from the city from Anglo-Saxon and Viking times. Look out for the hogsback gravestone of Gunni the Viking, or spot the Viking runestone and the Sigmund stone which shows a scene from the Viking saga of Sigmund and the wolf.

Fine jewellery and silver coins from the time are also on display, together with more everyday items like a child's shoe, bone combs and gaming pieces.