A surprise for Christopher

Christopher Dominey had a pleasant surprise when he visited Winchester City Council's new cash office this week.

The Mayor, Cllr Cecily Sutton, presented him with a large bunch of flowers as the first customer to use the cash office after its move from the main council reception area to an adjoining annexe. The surprised Mr Dominey, of Winnall Manor Road, Winchester, happily accepted the bouquet commenting "these will make a lovely present for my wife Winifred."

The cash office has two window positions, one of which has been designed to accommodate the lower height needed by wheelchair users. The cash office has been moved to make way for a major refurbishment of the main reception area in the coming months.

As well as using the cash office facilities, customers have been able to make e-payments to the council for the past two months. "E-payments are now being used more and more, and we are pleased with the initial success of the system," said Director of Finance, Sheila Boden.

Internet payments can be made via the Winchester City Council website www.winchester.gov.uk and telephone payments can be made by dialling 0845 6024438 and using the numbers on the telephone key pad to enter account and payment details.