Noise Action Day - Top Ten Tips to Keeping It Quiet

Thursday 27 May is National Noise Action day and Winchester City Council’s Health and Housing Department is promoting 10 easy ways to "Keeping It Quiet":

Intruder Alarms – This may scare off burglars but a faulty alarm will often sound continuously, upsetting the whole neighbourhood. Avoid this by having the system regularly serviced and ensuring that you have two current key holders that can be contacted in your absence. Send details of these key holders to the Health and Housing Department.

Barking Dogs – Dogs often bark whilst you are away. Minimise barking by ensuring your dog is regularly exercised and not left alone for long periods.

Bird Scarers – If you are a farmer make sure these are serviced before use and placed as far away as possible from housing. If necessary put them behind straw bales to shelter nearby housing. Ensure they only operate from dawn to dusk.

Loud Parties – Everyone likes to let their hair down occasionally but your choice of music may not be the same as your neighbour’s. Let your neighbours know when you are having a party and keep the noise down after 11pm. Better still invite your neighbours along.

Fireworks – It is becoming increasingly popular to have firework parties throughout the year. Minimise the impact on your neighbours and their pets by letting them know you are having fireworks, avoid really noisy ones and ensure the display is over by 11pm. Finally, do you really need fireworks to make your party go with a bang?

Noisy DIY – We are a nation of house lovers and DIY is almost a national obsession. However, do you really need to put up that set of shelves in the middle of the night? Speak to your neighbours about what you are planning to do and agree what times suit both of you. Try and avoid DIY every weekend - we all need a break.

Commercial Noise – If you live next to a factory or shop then some noise is likely to occur. However, if you notice a new noise, then why not speak to the site manger. If the noise source is identified there is sometimes a simple solution.

Construction Noise – Living next to a building site is never fun but noisy activities should only be occurring between the hours 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday, with no work on Sundays or public bank holidays.

Noise from Neighbours – Shouting, swearing, screaming, banging doors, use of electrical appliances etc can all upset your neighbours. Be considerate and talk to them, a bit of give and take can go along way to a quiet life.

Noise from aircraft – Many people have noticed an increase in aircraft noise locally due to the expansion of services running out of Southampton airport. Currently different flight paths are being trialed, phone the airport on 0870 040 009 to complain about any particularly noisy plane.

Specific and more detailed information on the above issues can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Team at Winchester City Council, Tel 01962 848488 or email