Millennium Egg on display at Guildhall

The Millennium Egg is the latest item to go on display in the Civic Silver Case outside the Guildhall Gallery in Winchester Guildhall. It will be on display until Friday 25 June,

The Millennium Egg, made and presented to the City by Jeremy France Jewellers, is awarded to a local business or business individual for services to the local economy and community.

The latest winner of the award is Barbara Bryant, founding Chief Executive of the North Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Director on the Boards of the Hampshire Economic Partnership and the North East Hampshire Economic Forum.

In these roles Barbara has worked tirelessly for businesses in the Winchester district and in the wider Hampshire area. The egg was presented at the Business Excellence Awards dinner held at Winchester Guildhall on 7 May.

The presentation board consists of the Chief Executive of Winchester City Council, the Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council and a previous winner of the award. They especially noted Barbara’s ability to bring people from the business communities, and outside, together and channel them towards a common goal.

In keeping with the previous winners of the award Barbara has also been active in the wider community, having served as Chair of the Owslebury Parish Council, as an elected member on Winchester City Council, and an environmental lobbyist.

The Millennium Egg

Jeremy France Jewellers of the High Street, Winchester, taking inspiration from the Fabergé eggs of Imperial Russia and the association of the egg with rebirth, made the egg and presented it to the City. It is solid silver with gold gilt and marked with the 2000 hallmark and London assay (silver assurance) mark. Both the inside and outside of the egg are decorated with motifs representing Winchester and Hampshire.

The top half of the egg has the arms of both the City of Winchester and Hampshire County Council, along with a poem specially written by a local poet. The very top of the egg is finished with the Hampshire rose inset with a sapphire, used for opening the egg.

The bottom half of the egg is etched all around with a Medieval style street plan of Winchester, with landmarks such as the ‘Horse and Rider’ statue, the Westgate, the Cathedral and the King Alfred statue, amongst others, located on the map.

The top half of the egg hinges open to reveal the Hampshire Hog stood astride an enamelled Round Table with a silver rose set in its centre.

The wooden base is of Hampshire oak and is set with a small rose. This rose is removable so that a small shield engraved with the last winner’s name can be inserted in its place.