Durngate House site leased to The Trinity Centre

Winchester City Council's Cabinet agreed yesterday (Wednesday 19 May) to grant The Trinity Centre a 99-year lease on the Durngate House site in Durngate Terrace, and welcomed the Centre's decision to sell their St. Paul's Hill site to Testway Housing for social housing.

Cabinet also agreed that the lease should be at a peppercorn rent as their contribution to the cost of the new building, with a clause restricting the building's use to community purposes. They asked that The Trinity Centre carry out consultation with those living near the proposed development.

A report to Cabinet included a suggested outline design for the new building, the cost to build and run it, and how Trinity will dispose of their existing site and fund raise to complete the project.

A Council spokesman said they were pleased the scheme was moving ahead and that everyone in the community would benefit. The Trinity Centre would be able to carry on their work in running their drop-in, advice, medical, learning and administration centre within easy reach of Winchester city centre and in more suitable buildings, while their current site would be used for more social housing.