Food safety warning - Apple Mullerice

The Food Standards Agency has advised consumers that some pots of one batch of Apple Mullerice Creamy Dairy Rice with Apple Pieces in Syrup may be spoiled and could cause a burning sensation to the mouth.

At least 70 complaints have been received about a batch of Apple Müllerice Creamy Dairy Rice with Apple Pieces in Syrup dessert. Some people have reported an unpleasant smell after peeling back the green foil lid, while others have complained of a burning sensation in the mouth after trying to eat the product.

The Agency's advice to consumers is that while the spoiled product may cause a burning sensation in some people, the risk of any other more serious health effect is very low. The Agency also advises people who have these desserts with the Best Before date of 7 February 2004 in the fridge at home that they may wish to avoid opening or eating them.

Most of the affected batch will have already have been sold by major supermarkets, but it may still be on sale in cornershops or smaller retail outlets. Many of the products were sold in multi-packs, so consumers may have products remaining in their fridge. They are sold singly or in multipacks containing six 200g white plastic pots - three of apple and three of strawberry. The strawberry desserts are not affected.

The company is investigating what has led to the spoilage in the affected Apple Müllerice desserts. If you have bought a product from this batch you should return it to the retailer or to Müller for a full refund.

You can also contact Müller customer services department on 01630 692031.

Further advice can also be gained from the Environmental Health Services at Winchester City Council on 01962 848520