Cllr Sheila Campbell elected Leader of Winchester City Council

Councillor Sheila Campbell has been re-elected as Leader of Winchester City Council for the third year.

As the largest single party the Liberal Democrats have formed the Cabinet which shows two changes from that of the last year, with Cllr Sue Nelmes and Cllr Simon Cook being replaced by Cllr Richard Knasel and Cllr Brian Collin.

Cllr Campbell as Leader will take on responsibility for major projects, partnerships, modernisation and improvement, sustainability, and communications and consultation.

Portfolios allocated to other Cabinet members are -

Cllr Therese Evans - Culture, Heritage and Sport
Cllr Kelsie Learney - Finance and Resources
Cllr Dominic Hiscock - Housing
Cllr Jim Wagner - Environmental Health
Cllr Richard Knasel - Economy and Transport
Cllr Brian Collin - Healthy and Inclusive Communities
Cllr John Beveridge - Planning

Cllr Campbell said having a one-party Cabinet gives clarity and ensures accountability to the residents of Winchester. "Any sort of power-sharing turns decision-making into a fudge and stifles debate in Council," she added. "If measures cannot win the support of other Councillors when they are debated in full Council, then they will be lost."

Chairmen of Council Committees are -

Cllr Georgina Busher - Planning Development Control
Cllr Frederick Allgood - Principal Scrutiny
Cllr Robert Johnston - Licensing and Regulation
Cllr Neil Baxter - Standards
Cllr Simon Cook - Personnel
Cllr Raymond Pearce - Appeals and Disputes
Cllr Harry Verney - Environment and Access Performance Improvement Committee
Cllr Alan Mitchell - Central Services Performance and Improvement Committee
Cllr Christine Quar - Health Performance Improvement Committee
Cllr Tony Coates - Housing Performance Improvement Committee
Cllr Jean Hammerton - Community, Arts and Social Performance Improvement Committee
Cllr Sheila Campbell - Statement of Accounts

After the elections in June the Liberal Democrats hold 26 seats on the City Council, the Conservatives 22, Independents 5 and Labour 4.