Roman half term invasion at City Museum

Half term will see a Roman invasion at the City Museum when members of the Legio Secunda Augusta Living History Society set up camp in the City Museum on Friday 20 February and Saturday 21 February.

Visitors are invited to step back in time to learn about how the legion arrived in Britain during the invasion under Emperor Claudius in 43AD when they fought through the southern part of the country under the command of the future Emperor Vespasian.

Two characters from the society, authentically dressed as a legionary and a Roman lady, will talk to visitors to the City Museum about military and civilian lives in the first two centuries AD. Visitors will get the chance to handle replica Roman objects in the Roman Venta Belgarum gallery.

The Legio Secunda Augusta Living History Society recreates military and civilian life in Roman Britain at events, schools and museums throughout the country and you can visit them between 10am and 5pm at the City Museum, which lies between the High Street, and the Cathedral in Winchester. Admission is free.