City Council offers a Language Line

Winchester City Council can now call on the expertise of Language Line, who provide a comprehensive interpretation service for over 120 languages, to help deliver an effective service to all residents in the District.

Language Line allows limited or no-English speakers to communicate with council staff in their mother tongue, breaking down the barriers to communication and service provision.

The service can be used either in person or over the phone and when needed, Language Line will find an interpreter in approximately 60 seconds. The qualified interpreter will relay the conversation exactly as it was spoken, in a three-way conference call, ensuring that both the officer and the customer are receiving all information accurately.

As part of the City Council's customer care priority Language Line allows council staff to be better equipped to help people at all times, especially with urgent or unexpected issues.

Cllr Kelsie Learney, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Resources, said the service will be of great value to the council.

"We want to give everyone easy access to our services and this system allows us to help those with limited English in a fast and efficient way."