New children's fun quizzes

If you are looking for things to do to fill the school summer holidays, then why not pop along to the City Museum and Westgate in Winchester where there are a range of new free children's quizzes to try out as you explore the museum galleries.

At the newly refurbished Westgate Museum you can pass the test to become a Gate-keeper by successfully finding a number of weird and wonderful historical objects from the Westgate's past, such as the leg of a gibbet, a Spanish helmet, and the City Champion's hat. Those locating them all will receive a gate-keeper sticker.

Two new quizzes await the visitor to the City Museum. A faces spotter trail asks you to find a number of historic faces from Winchester's past, scattered throughout the three floors of the Museum. Can you spot the Head of a Roman lady, a medieval angel and a grisly sheep skull?

The history detective quiz asks you to use all your detective skills to track down a number of mystery objects from the museum displays with only incomplete picture clues to help you. Those successfully completing either of the City Museum's new quizzes will receive a history detective sticker.

The City Museum and Westgate are both open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 12noon-5pm. Admission is free.