Mobile Homes Act 2013

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 came into effect in April 2014. This will impact upon residential caravan sites only. For further details please see the section below on 'Mobile Homes Act 2013'.


Under the Caravan Sites and Control Of Development Act 1960 (the 'Act'), a local authority is prohibited from granting a site licence to any person, organisation or company who has previously held a site licence, which has been revoked in the past three years.

Planning permission

Planning legislation takes primacy over the legislation that governs caravan site licences. In other words, a licence may only be issued after the relevant planning permission has been obtained for the site. Without the correct planning permission being in place, a caravan site licence cannot be granted.

As a caravan site licence can only be issued in accordance with planning permission any relevant restrictions that form part of the permission will need to be mirrored on the site licence, if granted. For instance, if the planning permission only allows a site to be occupied between 1 March and 31 October, then the caravan site licence can not be granted beyond those months.

Evidence of land occupancy

Evidence of who owns the land must be provided with the application in the form of the 'Register of Title' and the 'Title Plan', which can both be obtained from the Land Registry.