Sports Legacy Grants Scheme Online Application Form

Sports Legacy Grants

This grant scheme is designed to provide small-scale, one off grants to local sports clubs and organisations.

Grant awards take place twice a year in June and October. The funding is aimed at sports clubs and organisations that are constituted and not for profit, where grants will be offered to ensure that there is an increase in the amount of children and/or adults who are physically active
and engaged in sport.

Please also ensure you have all the documents scanned ready to be uploaded.

Please refer to criteria and terms and conditions prior to applying. Grants will not be awarded for retrospective activities or purchases. Therefore it is extremely important that you DO NOT spend prior to formal notification of grant approval If you need help filling in the form or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:
Melissa Fletcher, Funding Support Officer,, 01962 848 492, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday.