Chimney Height Approval

The Clean Air Act 1993 introduced a range of regulations to control smoke emissions and the height of chimneys.

Under Section 14 of the Act, the height of a chimney has to be approved by the Local Authority. The Local Authority can attach conditions to the approval. Without an approval, it is an offence to cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

  • Burn pulverised fuel.
  • Burn at a rate of 45.4kg or more an hour any solid matter, or
  • Burn at a rate equivalent to 366.4kW or more any liquid or gaseous matter.

An application for chimney height approval must contain adequate information to enable the necessary calculations to be carried out. A copy of our application form can be downloaded from the link on this web page.

An application for approval for a chimney must be considered within 28 days of receipt, unless a longer time period had been agreed between the applicant and the Council.

Planning permission will usually be required for a chimney and associated plant.

Control of Dirt and Grit from Furnaces

The Clean Air Act 1993 in addition to chimney height approval requires, subject to certain exemptions, that furnaces with a heating capacity greater that 16.12 kilowatts are to be provided with plant for arresting grit and dust as approved by the authority.