Aircraft Noise

Although in recent years there has been an overall drop in noise complaints attributable to regional aviation traffic, Winchester City Council continues to work with Southampton International Airport to minimise noise pollution where possible.

  • What we do

    Council officers attend the airport’s Technical Working Group, which meets three times per annum to consult on airport operational matters that may affect the local communities of Eastleigh, Southampton and Winchester. This group feeds into the airport’s Consultative Committee, where operational issues, such as environmental noise, are tabled for discussion by the membership.

    The Committee consists of local political and community stakeholders, including Winchester City Council which holds two seats, one of which is currently allocated to Winchester Air Group (WAG).

    The Agenda and Minutes for the Southampton Airport Consultative Committee can be found Eastleigh Borough Council’s web pages as the host authority.

  • Complaints

    If you wish to make a complaint about aircraft noise, you can do so direct to Southampton International Airport through one of the following media:
    Telephone: +44 (0)2380 627 070


    Or by writing to: Noise and Flight Evaluation Unit, Southampton Airport, Southampton SO18 2NL
    Further information on aviation noise and the airports Noise Management Plan can be found at the following link: