Students do not avoid liability for council tax, unless they occupy a property equally with non-students. For example, you will be named on the bill (liable) if you hold a joint tenancy agreement with your housemates provided you are all students, as defined below.

However, students are 'not counted' (i.e. disregarded) in calculating the council tax bill, so a discount or full exemption may be due, depending on how many non-students also live with you.

If you are liable for the council tax bill, you are still responsible for ensuring any 'reduced' bill is paid.

  • Living in halls of residence?

    Then you need do nothing further as your college receives the bill. But do contact us later on if you move into your own accommodation.

  • Who qualifies as a student?

    You must be studying full-time at a recognised educational establishment and be one of the following. Please see the document on the right hand side of this page for a description on what constitutes "full-time":

    • In Higher Education for at least one academic year (e.g. Degree/Project 2000)
    • Student nurse
    • Under 20 and in further education (e.g. A Levels/BTEC)
    • Foreign Language Assistant
    • Apprentice earning less than £160 per week within NVQ scheme
    • Youth Trainee under 25 years old on approved scheme
    • You can also be disregarded if you are 18 or 19 and a school or college leaver (until 1 November following the end of your full-time education)
  • What reduction will I receive?

    An Exemption:
    If you live in a property occupied only by qualifying students then the property is exempt from council tax. You will receive a council tax bill showing the period of exemption awarded. Apprentices and youth trainees do not qualify as students for this exemption. Non-British spouses of students (and dependants) are classed as students for this exemption. If you are liable for the council tax bill, you are still responsible for ensuring the bill is paid for any non-exempt periods. Empty dwellings owned by a student are also exempt provided the last persons to be resident were students.

    If you meet this criteria then complete the online form at the top of the 'Council Tax' home page.

  • What happens in the holidays?

    Provided the same students remain resident and continue to study the same course, the discount / exemption will continue when they return to the property for the term-time.

    If the students change then you must inform us straight away so we can review the bill.

    If you live with a benefit claimant then please read the leaflet at the bottom of this page as special rules apply.

  • How do I apply for my reduction?

    Please refer to the Benefits application link on the Benefist homepage. Until we receive full details of all residents and their status we cannot issue the correct bill.

  • What proof do I need to send?

    18 and child benefit still in payment? Send us a copy of your child benefit book or entitlement letter.

    Child benefit ended? Contact your college/university for a student certificate. We need a new certificate each academic year.

  • Reviews

    We may write to all our student households from time to time to review who the residents are and their student status. Please do not wait for this review to advise us of changes.

  • Keeping us informed

    Remember we can only award discounts and exemptions if we receive the appropriate student certificates each academic year and are kept informed of who has permanently moved in and out.