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Kerbside glass collection

We are collecting your bottles and jars for recycling once every four weeks. We will supply you with a box for your empties, which you can use for storage and then put out on collection day.

The council has introduced kerbside glass collection to the district to make recycling glass easier and more convenient. Similar collection schemes work very successfully in many other council areas. 

To ensure that collection rounds can operate cost effectively a number of existing bring sites are being withdrawn. More than 50 council-operated bring sites will be retained providing an extensive network across the district, in addition to which there are Hampshire County Council operated recycling sites and bottle banks at supermarkets.  Residents who do have an extra quantity of glass to dispose of may have to use a different site in future but they should still find one convenient for their needs. 

Glass is easily recycled and this creates a significant environmental benefit. Glass which is placed in a refuse or recycling bin is not recycled, and this is not only worse for the environment but also contributes to the overall costs which the council has to meet from council tax. 

If you have an assisted collection, we will do this for glass as well.  If you live in a flat or other communal property, we will try to offer a larger shared collection bin similar to your other waste in due course as it will not be possible for these types of properties to have individual glass recycling boxes collected.

Your collection day for refuse, recycling and garden waste may be changing in October to fit the new collection in. You will be able to check your new collection dates here

What do I do if I haven’t received my kerbside glass collection box?
If you haven’t received your box please get in touch with the council on the waste phoneline on 0300 300 0013 and provide your address and name and we will ensure a box is sent to you as soon as possible.

During October you will receive:

  • A letter with detailed information regarding your collection day
  • A calendar, showing you your new collection dates
  • Informative guide on what can be recycled and where does it go

Telephone 0300 300 0013


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