New waste collection timetable / Free kerbside glass collection

From October we will be collecting your bottles and jars for recycling once every four weeks. We will supply you with a box for your empties’, which you can use for storage and then put out on collection day.

If you live in a flat or other communal property, we will try to offer a larger shared collection bin similar to your other waste. If you have an assisted collection we will do this for glass as well.

Your collection day for refuse, recycling and garden waste may be changing in October to fit the new collection in.

During August / September you will receive:

  • A letter with detailed information regarding your collection day
  • A calendar, showing you your new collection dates
  • Informative guide on what can be reycled and where does it go

We are currently in the process of confirming the proposed dates. This page will be regularly updated, but if you require further information please contact:
Telephone 0300 300 0013