Clinical Waste Disposal

The City Council provides a free Clinical Waste Collection service from domestic premises only within the District.

To arrange a collection your healthcare professional (Doctor, District Nurse, Hospital or Primary Care Trust) will need to complete a referral form on your behalf and send it to us, we are unable to arrange a collection without their referral form. The form authorising this service must be requested from your health care provider. You can request a collection once you are registered by completing this form.

Once a request is processed a sharp box will be provided by us and replaced after every collection.

  • Infectious waste (including syringes or needles)

    We currently make separate weekly or on-demand collections of infectious waste from domestic properties. To report discarded syringes and hypodermic needles on public land such as play grounds, council estates and parks - Syringe Disposal

  • Offensive or hygiene waste

    You can put things like sanitary waste, nappies, incontinence pads and other similar waste in your household refuse bin for normal collection. If you think that you need more space we may be able to provide you with additional capacity. 

    Please call for more information. You should dispose of any liquid hygiene waste either down the sink or toilet.

    If you are currently registered for our clinical service and require a collection please call by Monday lunchtime (12:00pm) for a collection on Wednesday. Items for collections must be placed out or accessible for collection from 7.00am onwards.

    If you would like further information about this service or clarification about the different types of clinical waste then please contact us on 0300 300 0013.

  • Reporting a Missed Collection

    If your clinical collection has been missed on the scheduled day of collection and you contact our Customer Services team before 12pm the following working day, collections will be made by the crews in the area within 2 working days. Unfortunately if you call in after 12pm a collection will not be made and you will need to wait until your next scheduled collection unless the Client Team decides there are special circumstances.

    If you have a query or would like to report a missed bin you can do this through our online form or by phoning 0300 300 0013.

    Biffa will return twice in any 6 month period to make collections under this policy.