Street Party/Special Event Road Closures

Street parties are a great way to celebrate and meet your neighbours. Organising small, private street parties can be simple and fun. Thinking of holding one? Read on….We have produced some simple health and safety guidance to help you hold your great event.

  • Do I need to apply for a road closure?

    If you are intending to hold a special event or party in the road, you will need to apply for a road closure. This is a simple process and there is no charge for it. You will need to provide your contact details, name of the road to be closed, date and time of the road closure and brief details of the properties affected by it. You will need to ensure that all neighbours whose properties are affected know that the road will be closed and are happy with the arrangements. Roads do need to be kept accessible for emergency services.

  • To apply

    If you wish to apply for a road closure please do so as early as possible using the on-line form

    For assistance, or if you wish to discuss your event, please contact the traffic team via:

    Hampshire County Council have also issued guidance for event organisers which can be found at

  • Do I need a Licence?

    Most street parties won't need a licence. However , if you intend to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment to the public, or charge money for your event, you may need to submit a Temporary Event Notice or apply for a Premises Licence. Please visit for further information. If you wish to check whether a licence is required for your event, please email or phone 01962 848 188. 

  • Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

    Although not mandatory, it is recommended that organisers of 'street parties' have public liability insurance in place. You would be advised to make your own checks with Insurance Companies directly.

  • Do I need to do a Risk Assessment?

    A written risk assessment is not required for small street parties but you may wish to minimise things going wrong and have a back up plan for example, to consider what you would do in bad weather. A few sensible do's and don'ts to ensure your safety are included below:


    1. Make someone responsible for lifting any road closure barriers to allow vehicular access to properties unaffected by the party, or for the emergency services.
    2. Always ensure there is clear access for the emergency services i.e. police, fire and ambulance. (NB. If you can not provide clear access to your property your home insurance may be affected)
    3. Order beer in plastic barrels and use plastic glasses, plastic bottles and cans to prevent breakages (and washing up!).
    4. Make sure any electrical equipment used outside is properly earthed and connected to an RCD or circuit breaker.
    5. Make sure any temporary structures such as marquees and canopies are securely and safely fixed down. Any guy ropes should be visibly marked to reduce trips.
    6. Ensure a basic first aid box is available to deal with minor cuts and grazes.
    7. Keep young children away from any barbecue or hot cooking equipment.
    8. Remember the neighbours and other residents. If music is getting loud turn it down to prevent causing a nuisance to others. Avoid playing loud music that could disturb neighbours after 11pm.
    9. Walk round the area to check for any hazards or dangers from the party, which may cause accident or injury.


    1. Take glasses or glass bottles into the street to prevent broken glass causing injury.
    2. Leave doors and windows of your house unlocked whilst you're out in the street. Burglars may still be on the lookout for an open invitation.
  • Current road closures

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    Alresford Arrival of Father Christmas - 11 December (pdf, 561kb)

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Have a great party!