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The Central Winchester Regeneration area covers four hectares in the heart of the city, including the bus station, The Broadway, St Clements, Kings Walk and the Friarsgate car park. Winchester City Council is looking for comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the area to benefit local people and create a legacy for the city.

The Council is working with strategic placemaking consultants JLL to produce a development framework and strategy for delivery for the CWR site. JLL was appointed, following the adoption of the CWR Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) in June 2018, as strategic placemaking consultants to advise the council, on many areas of work as required, including CWR.

The SPD will continue to underpin all areas of the development. Having completed a review of the CWR roadmap, identified gaps within the market and developed scheme options for the site. Work is currently underway to produce a development framework incorporating feedback from residents, businesses and stakeholders across the district and in line with the guidance set out in the SPD.

We have been looking at how the site could look and feel by testing different scenarios against the SPD quantum and mix of uses. In tandem, we are testing high-level viability on the different scenarios and looking at how the development could be delivered. 

We are also looking at wider benefits of the preferred scheme would have on the local economy and social wellbeing and choices can then be made around what success for the preferred scheme looks like. The delivery approach will be shared alongside the development framework later in the year.

History of the Project

The Winchester Silver Hill Independent Review was published in February 2016.

The Reviewer was Claer Lloyd-Jones LLB Solicitor. She carried out similar reviews previously and spent many years working in senior positions in Local and Central Government.

The review involved a scrutiny of all relevant documents, interviews with key stakeholders including past and present Councillors, Officers of the Council, specialist advisers and contractors, and written submissions from members of the public.

The review made a number of recommendations which were put to Cabinet along with any comment or additional recommendations from The Overview & Scrutiny and Audit Committees.

Towards the end of 2016, the City Council commissioned JTP (, an award-winning ‘placemaking’ practice of architects and masterplanners, to work with the Council and wider community to create the CWR SPD, which sets out a vision for the future development of central Winchester through collaborative planning and consultation.

JTP formed a strong team to work on the commission with Hampshire based Snug Architects and Ubu Design Ltd together with consultancies with expertise in commercial property, movement and infrastructure. 

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), adopted at Cabinet (CWR) Committee on Wednesday 20 June 2018, sets out the vision for the area.

The final and amended version of SPD approved by Cabinet (CWR) Committee and the associated documents can be accessed here.

It’s an important part of the city, the development of which has been in review for many years. This work with JTP gave the project renewed momentum and attracted lots of interest and involvement from the community. People are passionate about the space, supportive of the opportunity for positive change and keen to participate in shaping its future.


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