Frequently asked questions

  • Why is the Council developing the area around Winchester railway station?

    The Council owns two sites in the Station Approach area, Carfax and the Cattlemarket. This provides an opportunity to revitalise the sites into commercial uses in a low carbon development which can support the city’s economy, along with residential uses to provide much needed housing, and vitality in the area. In addition, this represents an opportunity to create a suitable gateway for our ancient but vibrant city, its visitors and residents.

  • Why do we need more office space?

    There has been strong evidence that we need more high-quality office space in Winchester. In light of Covid-19, we will need to reassess the demand for Grade A office space, along with other uses, to get the optimal mix of uses to enable a viable development which will create job opportunities and feed into the city’s economy, as well as providing life and vitality in the area.’ 

  • Will the area be improved for cyclists and pedestrians?

    We are committed to a low-carbon approach to urban development and this includes better provision for pedestrians and cyclists. We will also look at improving signage for pedestrians, and connectivity to the city centre and the University/Hospital in coordination with the Movement Strategy, and linked to funding becoming available, and development schemes as they progress.

  • How can I get involved?

    Have your say on the Station Approach project. Email the project team at with any comments or queries – all feedback is welcome.The City Council will notify of upcoming engagement and consultation opportunities.