Design Framework

In June 2018, a Design Framework for the Winchester Sport & Leisure Park area was adopted by Cabinet (Leisure Centre) Committee. You can view this on the right-hand side of this webpage.

Since that time, the council has been working on delivering aspects of that framework and at our Cabinet in September 2020 we provided an update on our progress. We have subsequently refreshed the Design Framework map, so it reflects the current position. The updates and corresponding amendments that have been made are as listed below. 

You can also view the updated map on the right-hand side of this webpage.

  • Updates and amendments to Design Framework map
    • The council had previously sought to enter into a partnership with the Allotment Society to construct a path that linked the Sport & Leisure Park area with the South Downs Way. However, following discussions and negotiations the Allotment Society were not minded to proceed with the agreement.
    • The Design Framework currently states that a review of the car parking permit scheme to the northern boundary will be conducted. That review has now taken place and a resident parking scheme has been approved and implemented in Highcliffe.
    • A planning brief for the council’s Bar End Depot site will be considered at a future Cabinet. The proposals within that report do not affect this brief.
    • The pedestrian and cycle route improvement works between Domum Road and the Sport and Leisure Park have been completed.
    • The Main Entrance roundabout design into the Sport and Leisure Park has been agreed with Hampshire County Council and incorporates a Tiger crossing across Bar End Road for cyclists and pedestrians. Works have now started and will be completed by Autumn of 2020.
    • A pedestrian access route from Barfield Park and Ride site to Domum Road is currently being considered.
    • The council had previously approved a new pedestrian route into and around the WS&LP complex, east-west, which linked the Leisure Centre and Garrison Grounds to the King George V playing fields. This path has been completed.
    • Since the initial Design Framework some minor highway crossing improvements have been made. A temporary pedestrian crossing over Bar End Road has been installed to assist pedestrians in accessing the Sports Stadium and the playing pitches.
    • A landscaping scheme has been agreed with residents of Chilcomb Lane, which needs to be included in the Design Framework.
    • The existing pavilions, which are located in the North Western corner of King George V Playing Fields, are due to be replaced. A Town Forum Informal Members Group has been set up to consider the KGV site as a whole. As part of this work the replacement of the pavilions is being discussed and proposals will be brought to Town Forum later in the year.
    • As part of the Winchester Movement Strategy the Vaultex site is being developed into a 300 space park and ride site following award of a LEP Grant and subject to planning approval.
    • As part of the Winchester Movement Strategy a Local Cycling and Walking Improvement Plan has been developed. This includes a route from the railway station to the Sport and Leisure Park via the City Centre. A CIL application has been submitted for funding to help provide parts of this route.
    • The City Centre wayfinding information is being updated to reflect the new location of the Leisure Centre.
    • The remaining section of the Garrison Ground is now registered with Fields in Trust.

Additionally - in response to a request at one of our Open Forum meetings, an updated general arrangement plan of the area has been produced. You can view this on the right-hand side of this webpage.