Casson Block

Casson Block

The 1960s Casson Block building in St George’s Street in the centre of Winchester is home to a number of businesses, including retail, beauty, eateries, and the upper floors house an NHS service. It is also home to Winchester District CAB.

A partnership scheme led by Winchester City Council with Winchester BID has enhanced the building’s frontage by including an increased terrace area, renewed paving and lighting, and the introduction of planters and ‘green columns’.  This work was carried out to create a more welcoming atmosphere, greater appeal to customers, and effect general enhancements to the cityscape.

One element of the project is the installation of the new piece of public art in the space between Manow and the rear of the Hampshire Chronicle offices. Commissioned from sculptor Holger C. Lönze, the sculpture contributes to the public realm renovations completed on Casson Block. Redevelopment of the block was carried out to create a more welcoming atmosphere, enhance its appeal to customers, and effect general improvements to the cityscape. Installation of the sculpture represents a new focal point for the refurbished building frontage.

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Casson Block details

Portfolio Holder

Cllrs Steve Miller and Rob Humby

Start Date


Key Steps/Milestones

Current Status - Complete

  • Public consultation November 2015-January 2016
  • Plans developed February-June 2016
  • Contractors appointed July 2016
  • Work commences on site August 2016
  • Public art commission advertised September 2016
  • Public art expressions of interest shortlisted October 2016
  • Public art presentations and decision January 2017
  • Air quality monitoring unit re-sited and ground made good March 2017
  • Ground works investigations for public art April 2017
  • Work complete on site June 2017
  • Ground works for public art commence January 2018
  • Artwork installed February 2018


Latest Status

  • New terraces, paving, lighting, handrail and step safety strips complete
  • Planters installed and planted
  • Public art installed


Consultation took place from Monday 15 November 2015 to Monday 4 January 2016 regarding the draft design on the frontage of the Casson Block.

Last Committee Report

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Next Steps




Casson Block final plan July 2016
PDF, 217KB

Summary of Casson Block Frontage Enhancements Consultation