West of Waterlooville

A new community is becoming established at West of Waterlooville, situated in the south-east extremity of the Winchester District adjoining Waterlooville, which is within the administrative area of Havant Borough Council. The majority of the development area is within Winchester District, but a small part is within Havant Borough. The two authorities are working in partnership as the community grows.

The West of Waterlooville Major Development Area is located in the south eastern corner of the District and will provide 3,000 new homes as part of a new community, 2 primary schools, leisure, retail, employment and community facilities including much needed affordable housing. This is being complemented by an extensive restoration and conservation programme for meadows, ancient woodland and the river Wallington.

The site is owned by and being developed by Taylor Wimpey PLC and Grainger PLC, and is administered by both Winchester City Council, and Havant Borough Council. The rate of housebuilding will match market conditions, and is expected to be nearing completion around 2030.  

  • Project summary
    Planning applications related to this development can be viewed using the Council's online application search using application reference number: 05/00500/OUT for the Taylor Wimpey development at Old Park Farm. 06/02538/OUT for the Grainger development at Berewood. An estimated 801 homes were occupied by June 2017.
West of Waterlooville details

Cabinet Member

Cllr Jackie Porter

Start Date


Key Steps/Milestones

Status - On Schedule

Below are some of the upcoming milestones for the development. Please note they have been grouped into years for simplicity but the actual dates may be sooner. Please see the West of Waterlooville blog for ongoing updates.


  • Private Rented Sector housing phase complete
  • Temporary Community Facility to be available
  • Grainger Phase 2 complete
  • Application for gateway buildings (mixed use)
  • Multi Use Greenway to be completed
  • Further applications for residential dwellings
  • Applications for employment land


  • Welcoming Art to be installed
  • Taylor Wimpey Residential Phases to be completed


  • River Wallington restoration to be completed



Latest Status

  • Three applications were shortlisted for the Newlands Walk play area.  The final design will be decided by the community with build due to be completed by end of April 2018.
  • Applications have been submitted for a private access drive to The White House, a directional sign adjacent to the Phase 1 roundabout and non-material amendments for phase 3A housing.  There have also been documents submitted to discharge conditions to allow infrastructure works to take place around phases 9 and 10.



Updates will be given at bi-monthly Advisory Group meetings (open to the public).   The Advisory Group meetings for 2018 are on:

  • Thursday 30 January (Berewood)
  • Thursday 29 March (Wellington Vale)
  • Tuesday 29 May (new Community Facility)
  • Thursday 26 July (new Community Facility)
  • Tuesday 25 September (new Community Facility)
  • Thursday 29 November (new Community Facility)


Last Committee Report

The last Forum meeting was on the 2 October 2017 .  The next Forum meeting will be held on 22 March 2018 at 11:00, Vale Care Home, Darnel Road, Denmead, Waterlooville PO7 7TY.




Next Steps

Continue monitoring construction and landscaping works on site. As well as processing planning applications and monitoring overall strategic impacts