Householder Appeal Service

The Planning Inspectorate launched a Householder Appeal Service (HAS) on 6 April 2009. This expediated process makes for quicker, more proportionate appeals service to householders. The Government and the Planning Inspectorate are committed to making the appeals process as quick and efficient as possible. The aim of this new service is to dramatically shorten the length of time it will take you to receive a decision on any Householder appeal you may submit to the Planning Inspectorate.

This procedure applies to householder planning applications validated after 6 April 2009.

The critical changes are:

  • The time limit for making a Householder Appeal will be reduced to 12 weeks from the decision date.
  • Third parties will not be given another opportunity to comment although they will be notified of the appeal.
  • The report (delegated or committee) and decision notice will form the basis of the Councils appeal case. No further written statements will be able to be submitted.
  • The Council will provide the Planning Inspectorate with an electronic case file. This will include the appeal questionnaire and all the documents referred to, including third party letters of representations.

When submitting your Householder planning application: For a new planning application validated on or after the 6 April 2009, where the applicant does not own all the land involved, a new variation of the ownership certificate notice (Notice under Article 6 of Application for Planning Permission) should be used, as this notice will specifically relate to householder development.

When submitting an appeal: There is a specific householder appeal form to be used together with a new variation of the ownership notice to be used if the appellant does not own all the land involved.

How can I find out more information about the Householder Appeals Service?

More details and information can be found by visiting the Planning Inspectorate website, by contacting the Planning Inspectorate on 0117 372 6372, or by contacting Winchester City Council at