King George V Playing Field

The City Council is planning improvements to the open space at KGV.  An initial consultation was undertaken in July 2018 and the results of this can be viewed following the link here (pdf, 73kb).

The second phase of consultation was undertaken from 10 February – 18 March 2021, if you would like to watch a recording of the launch presentation held on 10/02/21 please follow this link.  Alternatively the slides from the presentation can be viewed here (add link).  For more details about the improvements please use the Park Plan tab below.


The Girls Football League has moved to KGV and there have been improvements made to the pitches, parking and access in order to achieve this.  A new footpath has been installed across the Garrison Ground to give access to the pitches from the Bar End Road and the Park and Ride. 

There have been a number of other changes more recently as detailed below to improve and secure the site:

  • New dragons teeth have been installed along the access road to prevent damage to the grass
  • The road and speed bump have been repaired where the tarmac had eroded and the pedestrian route to the play area has been remarked.
  • The entrance gates have been repaired and a new height barrier has been installed
  • New signage and a mirror have also been installed.