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Local plan events

Thank you for all those people that attended the Local Plan design workshops, we are really pleased with the number of people that attended the workshops and the valuable contributions that were made at each workshop.

Three Local Plan design workshops were held which were facilitated by Design South East.

Workshop 1

The first workshop was held on 20th October at the Discovery Centre in Winchester.

The first workshop focused on the existing design policies, Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and other documents including the Local Area Design Statements (LDAS), Shopfront and Advertising SPD and Village Design Statements (VDS). The attendees were asked to consider how well the existing Local Plan design policies were working in delivering the right design outcomes. They were also asked to consider what design policies were missing and what policies should be included in the new Local Plan. The final exercise asked them to consider the role of High Quality Places SPD/LADs and VDS in light of the Governments recent consultation on a National Model Design Code.

Workshop 2

The second workshop was held on 5th November at the Mercure Hotel in Winchester. The workshop was split into an afternoon and evening session.

The second workshop focused on Winchester Town and was based on themes including transport, green/recreation/urban spaces, design of public spaces, opportunities for improvement and access to facilities.

This session was a mapped based session. Attendees were asked to identify on maps, areas which had opportunity for development and enhancement, how they moved around the city and whether these connections could be improved. The final exercise focused on open space and public realm, asking attendees whether there were opportunities for more open spaces and what improvements could be made to these areas.

Workshop 3

The third and final workshop was held on 16th November at Marwell Hotel in Colden Common. This workshop was also split into an afternoon and evening session.

The third workshop focused on the rural villages and market towns. At this workshop an online poll was taken at the beginning and the results could be viewed live by the attendees at the workshop.  Attendees were asked to consider well designed places within their villages or areas, photos were submitted by attendees to show well designed features at the workshop. The attendees were then asked to rate the quality of developments within their areas looking at what was successful and not successful. The final exercise asked attendees to consider things they like or disliked in their areas and to consider the future of their place and how they would like it to be in 20 years time.

Workshop results

The results of the workshops will be collated and written up by Design South East and reported back to LPAG (Local Plan Action Group) in the new year and be used as evidence base that will be used to inform the new Local Plan.


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