Village & Neighbourhood Design Statements

Village & Neighbourhood Design Statements

Village and Neighbourhood Design Statements are produced by local groups within each parish.Design statements are adopted by Winchester City Council as Supplementary Planning Documents to the Local Plan. For further details please contact the relevant parish clerk.If you would like to see a paper version of any of the adopted design statements, please contact our Customer Service Centre on the number listed below.

Timing of updating Village Design Statements.

Many Parish Councils are starting to think about updating their Village Design Statements (VDS) and guidance on matters to include has been published on the web site to help with this process  .  

Most of you will also be well aware that the Council has started preparation of a new Local Plan and is expecting Local Plan 2036 to be adopted at the end of 2021.

You may wish to bear this in mind when considering any updates or preparation of new design guidnace as any adopted between now and late 2021 will need to be refreshed to make reference to Local Plan 2036 policies.

If you wish to discuss any updates to exisitng VDS/LADS please get in touch to discuss.