Denmead Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2031

Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012
Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (section 38A)

Following a positive result in the referendum held on 5 March 2015 (1546 in favour, 785 against), Winchester City Council ‘made’ the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan part of the Winchester District Development Plan at its Council meeting on 1 April 2015. This means that the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan, along with Local Plan Part 1 adopted in March 2013 and the National Planning Policy Framework will be used to determine planning applications in the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • Submission and Examination

    Denmead Parish Council  submitted to Winchester City Council their Plan Proposal under Part 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

    Winchester City Council held a consultation on the Submission Denmead Neighbourhood Plan between 29 September and  5pm on 11 November 2014.  The comments received through the consultation were passed to an independent examiner, Chris Collison, who was appointed by the Council and who considered the representations and whether the plan met the basic conditions and other relevant legal requirements, before recommending that the plan should be put to a community referendum.

    The Council received the independent Examiner’s report on the Denmead Neighbourhood Plan on 18 December 2014, which concluded that the Plan and its policies, if modified in accordance with the recommendations set out in his report, met the “basic conditions” and other legal requirements.

  • Area Designation and Pre-Submission Plan

    In August 2011 Department of Communities and Local Government accepted and agreed an application by Winchester City Council on behalf of Denmead Parish Council, to be a ‘Neighbourhood Planning Front Runner’.

    The area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan included the Parish of Denmead but specifically excluded that part of the Parish that now lies in the South Downs National Park and that part covered by the West of Waterlooville major development area which is currently being developed.

    In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations the Neighbourhood Plan Area was published for consultation during July to 3rd September 2012. The Council considered the responses received, none of which raised any matters of substance to warrant a re-consideration of the boundary.  Therefore, the boundary was confirmed as that originally submitted and can be viewed, along with the representations received to the consultation and a summary of the process, in the document 'Designation of Denmead Neighbourhood Area'.