LPP2 2014 Draft Plan (consultation and responses)

Public consultation on the Draft Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Site Allocations (LPP2) was held between 24 October and midday 5 December 2014. You can view the responses to this consultation using the following link (please note that the information is not split down by policy or paragraph, but by general topic/subject).  

A list of everyone who responded to the Draft LPP2 consultation and their corresponding respondents id number can be downloaded using the following link:
Index List of Respondents to Draft LPP2 Consultation by Number


All the documents relating to the consultation on the Draft Local Plan Part 2 can be viewed using the links or downloads below.   If you wish to be notified about future stages of Local Plan Part 2, please sign up to the Local Plan E-Newsletter using the following link:- Local Plan E-Newsletter

The Council also consulted at the same time, on a draft High Quality Places Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)  which will provide design guidance for new development.