Local Plan

Local Plan Part 1: Joint Core Strategy Adopted 2013

Following consideration by the South Downs National Park Authority and Winchester City Council both planning authorities adopted the Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy Development Plan Document on 19 and 20 March 2013 respectively.

The adopted Local Plan Part 1 covers the administrative area of Winchester District including the area of the South Downs National Park Authority that lies within the District.

The Local Plan Part 1 can be viewed at the bottom of this page, split into several separate documents. For ease of reference the table below sets out the titles of each chapter.

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background
Chapter 2 Profile of Winchester District
Chapter 3 Development Strategy
Chapter 4 Spatial Strategy - Winchester Town
Chapter 5 Spatial Strategy – South Hampshire Urban Areas
Chapter 6 Spatial Strategy – Market Towns and Rural Area
Chapter 7 Core Polices – Active Communities
Chapter 8 Core Policies – Prosperous Economy
Chapter 9 High Quality Environment
Chapter 10 Infrastructure Implementation and Monitoring
Appendix A Saved Policies
Appendix B Glossary
Appendix C Evidence Base
Appendix D Monitoring Framework
Appendix E Infrastructure Delivery Summary
Appendix F Housing Trajectory

The legal challenge to the adoption of the Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 - Joint Core Strategy received on 30 April 2013 was heard in the High Court on the 11 & 12 Feb 2014.

The Court has now given Judgement on the challenge which can be viewed or downloaded below.

High court Judgement - Zurich Assurance v Winchester City Council