Local Plan Part 1 - Joint Core Strategy Adopted March 2013

Local Plan Part 1 - Joint Core Strategy Adopted March 2013

The Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 - Joint Core Strategy covers Winchester District but does not include the area that lies in the South Downs National Park (SDNP). The area covered by the SDNP now has its own adopted Local Plan https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/first-south-downs-national-park-local-plan-adopted/

The Local Plan Part 1 is the long term strategic plan for development within Winchester District, and includes the strategic vision, objectives and the key policies needed to achieve sustainable development in Winchester District to 2031. It identifies the amount of development, broad locations for change, growth and protection, including allocating strategic sites.

To get to this stage of the Local Plan, a considerable amount of work and consultation has been carried out, including; Frontloading; Issues and Options; Preferred Option; Blueprint; Plans4Places; and Pre-Submission.

The Plan was subject to Examination by an independent Inspector during October/November 2012. The Council received the Planning Inspector's final report on 11th February 2013 and subsequently adopted the Plan on 20 March 2013. The adopted version of the Plan is available to view / download on the  Local Plan Part 1 page below.

The statutory documents which comprise the Development Plan are currently:

In applying the Development Plan, the Council needs to take account of government policy.  There is one area in particular where this has changed since adoption of Local Plan Part 1 as follows:

  • Sustainable Low and Zero Carbon Built Development – implementation of Local Plan Part 1 policy CP11

    The Government has announced (March 2015) updates to its policy on housing standards and zero carbon homes - www.gov.uk/government/speeches/planning-update-march-2015  

    These affect the Council’s implementation of Policy CP11 of the adopted Local Plan Part 1. While policy CP11 remains part of the Development Plan and the Council still aspires to achieve its standards for residential development (Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 for energy and Level 4 for water), Government advice now sets maximum standards equivalent to Code Level 4 for energy and water. Therefore, for applications determined after 26 March 2015, Local Plan policy CP11 will be applied in compliance with the maximum standards set out in Government advice.

  • Affordable Housing provision in small developments - implementation of Local Plan Part 1 policy CP3

    Following a decision by the Court of Appeal (May 2016) the Government has implemented its November 2014 policy that sites of 10 homes or fewer (or no more than 1000 square metres gross floorspace) will be exempt from policies seeking affordable housing provision or contributions. This has been confirmed by changes to Planning Practice Guidance (paragraph 031). Within the South Downs National Park part of the District, financial contributions towards affordable housing will be sought for schemes of between 6 and 10 dwellings, as allowed for in ‘designated rural areas’.

    While policy CP3 remains part of the Development Plan, and the Council still aspires to achieve its provisions (40% affordable housing provision where viable on all sites), Government policy currently prevents this for sites of 10 or fewer dwellings (or no more than 1000 sq.m.), or 5 or fewer dwellings in the National Park. Therefore, for applications determined after 19 May 2016, Local Plan policy CP3 will be applied in compliance with current Government advice.