Pay by Phone

Several Winchester City Council car parks have the option for customers to use PayByPhone for parking payment. Instead of having to find the right change for a pay and display machine, you can simply use your mobile phone to pay and the parking fee is charged to your credit or debit card.

The service is available in the following car parks. Their location numbers are:

89053  Barfield Close
7560    Cattle Market
7559    Chesil Multi-Storey
7561    Coach Park
75618  Coach Park - coaches
7566    Colebrook Street
7218    Cossack Lane
7220    Durngate
59545  Friarsgate
59546  Guildhall Yard
7562    Gladstone Street
7217    Jewry Street
7221    River Park Leisure Centre
7563    St Peters
7565    Tower Street
7222    Upper Brook Street
7564    Worthy Lane


Read about how the system works

  • Five Ways to Use Pay By Phone

    If you have not used PayByPhone before, you will need to register your vehicle and payment card details. You only need to do this once and then you can use PaybyPhone wherever the parking place has this facility.

    Online at
    Mobile web for Smartphone users at
    Apps For Smartphone users simply go to your app store and search for PayByPhone
    Call All users can call 01962 433 433
    Text 65565



  • Advantages
    • Once registered, you can pay at any car park that uses PayByPhone easily
    • No need to find change or queue at the ticket machine
    • No need to display a ticket in the vehicle. As long as you enter the details correctly, the enforcement officer has the payment information on their handheld device
    • You can choose to receive text reminders when your parking is about to expire
    • You can extend your parking time without returning to the car park (provided you do not overstay the maximum time for the car park)
    • You can use the App on your Smart Phone to pay and mange your account
    • You can log in online and print receipts and check payments
  • How to pay by phone 

    Just call 01962 433 433 and follow the instructions of our automated touchtone system. If you are calling for the first time, you will need to have a valid credit or debit card with you, as well as your vehicle registration number (VRN). Before ending the call, you must wait for confirmation of your transaction to ensure your details have been registered on the system.

    How do I pay by text message?

    As an existing user of the scheme, please text 65565 with the following information:

    Parking Location Number Duration of stay (in minutes or hours) 3-digit card security number
    7562 120m or 2h 123

    Mobile Apps

    PayByPhone now has apps available for Apple IOS, Blackberry and Google Android devices.
    The apps help you to register with ease, securely pay for parking, monitor and extend parking sessions remotely, manage your account details and even help remember where you parked your vehicle.

    Click on the relevant link below to download the app now for FREE!

    Pay By Phone App for iPhone

    Pay By Phone App for Android

    Pay By Phone App for Blackberry

    Pay Online

    You can make your payment via your account online at or via the mobile web at Your account number is your mobile phone number and unless you have changes it, your PIN number is the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card that you have registered with the service.

    How much does it cost to use the service?

    Phone and text messages are charged at your service provider's local rate. However, there is a service charge for Pay By Phone parking in addition to the parking fee as follows:

    Service Service Charge
    Each new parking session 20p


    There is also a charge for any optional extras as follows:

    Service Service Charge
    To extend a parking session 20p
    Text Reminder (optional) 10p
    Text Confirmation (optional) 10p

    If you have chosen the option to receive text confirmation, it should arrive within 5 minutes. If not, please log onto your account online or via the mobile app or call 01962 848 346 to check that your payment has registered.

    We recommend that any user of the system checks their profile via the Pay By Phone website Your account number is your mobile phone number and unless you have changed it, your PIN number is the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card that you use with the service.

    Online you can:
    1.Ensure your details are correct
    2.Amend your settings (for example, asking for email receipts for each transaction or text confirmation for each parking session or for text reminders).
    3.Edit and add vehicles and amend payment card information
    4.Check your transaction history and print receipts