Carbon Neutrality Action Plan

Winchester City Council has set out actions to achieve ambitious carbon neutrality targets in its Carbon Neutrality Action Plan (pdf, 2.6mb).

The action plan was developed and adopted following the council’s declaration of a climate emergency in June 2019.

The plan commits the council to review its own activities to reach carbon neutrality by 2024 - and sets the same ambitious goal for the wider district by 2030.

There are eight priority areas within the action plan:

  • Transport
  • Property / Housing
  • Energy
  • Mitigation / Offsetting
  • Biodiversity
  • Recycling and Waste
  • Planning and Development
  • Commerce and Economy

The aim is to reduce carbon emissions that cause climate change and support environmental improvements in the district. The focus is on the biggest sources of carbon emissions – transport, property and energy - and measured progress will be reported publicly.