Tables and Chairs on the Highway

If you wish to place tables and chairs on the highway (this includes any street or pedestrianised area), you will require a licence from the City Council under Section 115E of the Highways Act 1980. When applying for a licence you must provide the following information. Failure to provide this information will result in your application being returned.

  • Consent from ‘Frontagers’

    The applicant should provide to the Council proof of written consent from all owners and occupiers of premises adjoining the highway on which the tables and chairs are being placed. These persons are known as the Frontagers.

    The applicant must supply to the Licensing Team the full address and contact details, including any email or telephone number, of any Frontager they have contacted. Where the premises owner is a company, the consent must be provided by an authorised officer of the company, who should confirm that he or she is duly authorised to give consent.

    The applicant should also check upon any renewal, in case the premises are sold to a new freeholder or to a new leaseholder during the course of the licence. The applicant would need the consent of the new frontager/s before the new licence could be granted.

  • A Site Plan

    The applicant must provide a clear plan showing the positions and number of the proposed tables and chairs together with any other items they wish to place on the highway. The plan shall include clear measurements of, for example, pathway width/length, building width and any other fixed item in the proposed area.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    The applicant must provide evidence that the Council is indemnified against any claim arising from the operation of the Licence by Public Liability Insurance cover of at least £5,000,000. 

  • Consent from the Highways Authority

    The Council will seek the consent of the Highways Authority after this information is provided. This is to ensure that the tables and chairs do not cause an

    Unacceptable impediment to the free flow of pedestrians using the highway (highways includes pavements).

    An obstruction of the Highway is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and will be dealt with by the Highways Authority or the Police.

  • Other Permissions

    You may also need Planning Permission or Listed Building Consent from the Council for the use of the land or building as a cafe. The applicant should provide such authority (if required) to the Licensing Department.

    Planning approval, if required, must have been granted before an application will be considered by the Council.

  • The Fee

    A fee of £225 is payable upon application. This can be paid online here under 'Miscellaneous Payments.'