Handyperson Service

A handyperson service can help with small repairs and adaptations at a subsidised rate to tenants over 60 years of age and/or living with a disablity.  The service is available to residents of Winchester City Council.

The Charges are £9.60 per hour if in receipt of a mean's tested benefit and £18.00 per hour if not in receipt of a mean's tested benefit.

  • Types of jobs for the Handyperson
    • Change taps washers
    • Unblock sinks
    • Repair toilet cisterns
    • Installing washing machines or dishwashers
    • Hang blinds and curtain rails
    • install washing lines or rotary lines
    • Put up shelves
    • Fencing repairs
    • Assemble flat pack furniture
    • Replace light bulbs

    Please note: if you are a tenant your landlords may have responsiblity for some of theses repairs

For more information or telephone: 01962 848 455