Wise Move - Help for tenants wishing to downsize

If you are considering moving to a smaller home then we can help you

  • What is the Wise Move scheme about?

    Wise Move is for Winchester City Council tenants who would like to move to a property with fewer bedrooms than their current home

  • How can Wise Move help me move home?

    A payment of up to  £2,500 may be available to qualifying tenants of the council who move to a property with fewer bedrooms than their current home.

    We want to make it as smooth and easy as possible for you to find a smaller home that you are happy to move to. We can help you to do this by making it financially possible and also, by offering some practical support too.

    The payment is available for you to take away to spend or if you ask us, we can use it to arrange things like:

    • Removals, packing & unpacking 

    • New carpets

    • Decoration

    • Reconnection of appliances

    • Handyman help 

  • Do I qualify for Wise Move?

    Our tenants who do not live in properties normally kept for the over 60’s, and who want to move to another one of our properties or a Registered Provider/Housing Association property which has fewer bedrooms can apply. Tenants who have succeeded to their tenancy following the death of a partner/relative for example, but have not succeeded to the property itself, will not qualify for the £1000 but may still be entitled to some assistance with finding a smaller property. If you have rent arrears or works are identified as necessary to your old property (to make it ready to be occupied again) once you have left it, either due to your own work in the property or not as a result of “fair wear and tear”, then the incentive may be used to help pay off your debt.

    The scheme is also available to Council tenants who are mutually exchanging to a property with fewer bedrooms.

  • What are the benefits of moving to a smaller home?

    Your housing needs may have changed and you could now have ‘spare’ bedrooms which you no longer need. Some of the benefits of moving to a smaller home include:

    • Increased eligibility for Housing Benefit for working age tenants (under the Government’s Size Criteria rules for ‘spare’ bedrooms)

    • Reduced fuel bills

    • A home that’s easier to manage

    • Freeing up a larger home for a family that needs it

    Whatever the reason for wanting a smaller property, we would like to hear from you.

  • What next?

    Contact the Tenancy Services Team on 01962 848 197 or housingtenancy@winchester.gov.uk to discuss the scheme in more detail and see whether this is something you would like to take up