COVID-19 - Council Tax support

We’re committed to helping residents who may be struggling financially due to the limitations placed on households as we look to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  There is a range of measures we have in place to support you.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, please contact our team on 01962 848 288 or email We can provide tailored assistance based on your individual situation and work with you to arrange a suitable payment plan.

If you pay Council Tax over 10 months we can adjust this to instalments across 12 months or alter the timing of your payment. Please see the back of your Council Tax bill for details.

If you are:

  • Unemployed

  • Claiming benefits, or

  • On a low income

Our benefits & welfare team can help you to claim reduction, to assist paying your Council Tax.

Residents of working age, who already benefit from some Council Tax Reduction, will receive up to £300 off their Council Tax bill. Eligible households will receive this automatically and you will receive a revised Council Tax bill shortly, together with a letter.  The Government's guidance and our policy can be found on the right of this page.

For further information or assistance with Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Second Adult Rebate and Discretionary Housing Payments, or to make a claim for these benefits, please visit or phone 01962 848 539.

If your financial circumstances have not changed and you are able to pay your Council Tax then you will help the council to help those that are struggling by not asking to amend your payment plan – thank you.