European Parliamentary elections - 23 May 2019

The European Parliamentary elections will be held across Europe from 22 - 26 May 2019.

In the UK, polling day will be Thursday 23 May 2019. The result will be declared on the evening of Sunday 26 May 2019, to enable polling in all EU countries to close

The poll and declaration of results for the south east of England is administered by the Regional Returning Officer, Mark Heath, who is also the Local Returning Officer for the Southampton area.

The results will be published here from 10pm on Sunday (26 May). 

MEPs are elected under a proportional representation system (d.Hondt). In the UK you have one vote to elect all of your MEPs. Each party puts forward a list of candidates called a 'party list' and you vote for one of these lists or for an independent candidate

Statement of Parties and Individual Candidates Nominated and Notice of Poll (pdf, 84kb)

Situation of polling stations (pdf, 89kb)