Volunteering and community response

Local communities are continuing to provide support and reassurance to individuals and organisations across the district affected by COVID-19. Below are some useful links to advice and support for those who want to help:

  • If you want to volunteer to help

    Community First is the Council for Voluntary Service and is matching volunteers with organisations that need assistance.  Register using the volunteering website at https://www.volunteerwessex.org/.

    Alternatively, you can find who is co-ordinating efforts in the City area of Winchester and of the parish/town/village area of Winchester district and they may be able to point you to where support is needed.

  • If you are an organisation or group of volunteers in need of advice or guidance

    We understand that voluntary organisations will have concern as the coronavirus (covid-19) situation develops.

    Community First can support groups to work safely and implement appropriate safeguarding measures.  If you need support or assistance in setting yourselves up to help people suffering the effects of the coronavirus, you can contact a member of the Community Development or Volunteering Team at Community First through at https://www.cfirst.org.uk/ or emailing support@cfirst.org.uk or calling 0300 500 8085.

    A number of guides and fact sheets are available on the right hand side of this page, addressing issues that many organisations are struggling with as they help vulnerable people. Information can be found on handling payments, volunteer safety and DBS checks.

The NCVO has developed guidance for voluntary organisations that can be found here.  Information on funding available to help you through the current crisis can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

If you require help with your contingency planning, you can contact a member of the Community Development or Volunteering Team at Community First by contacting support@cfirst.org.uk