Decisions - Planning Committee

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Decisions on the progress of the Planning Committee meetings.

We will update the “Committee Decision" column below during the meeting, subject to any technical difficulties that might arise on the day. Please also bear in mind that this should not be taken as the definitive decision of the Committee on each item. This will be communicated to the applicant, along with detailed reasons and/or conditions, after the meeting.

If you require further information regarding the Committee, please contact Democratic Services on 01962 848 264 or email

Planning Committee - 18 December 2019

Agenda Item Number Address Planning Reference Number Committee Decision
WCC Item 7 The Old Farmhouse, Cripstead Lane, Winchester, SO23 9SE 19/01751/HOU RUFUSED
WCC Item 8 The Old Farmhouse, Cripstead Lane, Winchester, SO23 9SE 19/01752/LIS RUFUSED
WCC Item 9


Black Rat, 88 Chesil Street, Winchester SO23 0HX



WCC Item 10 Black Rat, 88 Chesil Street, Winchester SO23 0HX 19/01073/LIS PERMITTED
SDNP Item 11 Hurst Farm, Hurst Lane, Owslebury SO21 1JQ SDNP/19/02508/FUL RUFUSED
SDNP Item 12 Long Ash, Pitcot lane, Owslebury SO21 1LR SDNP/19/03770/HOUS PERMITTED
WCC Item 14 New Barns Farm, Drove Road, Southwick PO17 6EW 19/01 801/FUL PERMITTED
WCC Item 15 The Spinney, Lady Bettys Drive, Whiteley PO15 6RJ 18/02835/FUL PERMITTED
WCC Item 16 Hamelin, Hambledon Road 19/01573/FUL PERMITTED
WCC Item 17 2 Chapel Cottages, Hill Lane, Colden Common SO21 1RZ 19/01900/HOU PERMITTED
WCC Item 18 TPO tree works application - Woody Lodge, Alresford Drove, South Wonston 19/01767/TPO PERMITTED
Item 19 Confirmation of TPO 2268 - Land at Thickets Farm, Botley Road, Bishops Waltham PDC1155 CONFIRMED