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Intersection has been installed in the small open air space between Manow Thai restaurant and the rear of the Hampshire Chronicle offices on St George's Street in Winchester.

Created by sculptor Holger C. Lönze, the bronze and steel sculpture has been designed to create a link between the 1960s Casson block and the architecture of Winchester cathedral.

As its name suggests, the sculpture represents the intersection between the cathedral’s flying buttress and Casson’s post-and-beam structure. The design benefitted from feedback from residents collected over a number of workshops held last year, and the finished work features contrasting metallic materials, the sculpture combines repoussé sheet bronze – an ancient technique of shaping metal by hammering it from the reverse side – with flat, polished stainless steel. It also references ripples of water in the texture of the panels, as it stands adjacent to Upper Brook which formed part of the Roman drainage system of the River Itchen.

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