A Portrait of Winchester 2025

A Future Portrait of Winchester 2025

With the Council’s ambitious target for the Winchester District to become carbon neutral by 2030, we must start building towards this now. Winchester City Council, the University of Winchester and Wessex Green Hub are holding a workshop for everyone who cares about our City and District to bring their ideas for what Winchester should look like in 2025.

At our first workshop on 10th November we asked participants to transport themselves to a Winchester District in 2040 and asked what might our City and District be like? What is our dream? How might it look/ sound / feel / smell /taste?

Now we need to hone in on the big changes identified in these Portraits. We will be discussing in the follow up workshop on 1st December between 12pm and 2pm, what challenges we face in achieving these portraits, what are the opportunities and identify the pathways to success. What does success look like in 2025, when the District is halfway towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

There are a number of challenges that we will face in reaching this target and we want your help! The workshop will use creative thinking and the power of the imagination in an unconstrained world to envision what we want Winchester to be, how we want it to look, and how we might get there.

The outputs of the sessions will be collated and suggestions for policies and actions for the Winchester City Council Members to consider, prepared and presented to the Housing and Environment Committee in early 2021.

We hope that you will join us, for what we believe will be a wonderful experience and an important step towards building a sustainable and carbon neutral City and District.

You can register to attend the event here.


Winchester Skyline